Honestly, I was surprised by how small Twitter is in Sweden according to the reports which were published last week. According to them, there will be soon over 36 000 active users in Sweden, and it can be compared to USA’s 42 000 000 active users. It becomes even clearer when we compare ca. 0.4% active users of the Swedish population to ca. 14% of the American.

I ( @carlzeta¬†) tweeted for the first time in february 2009, and today I spend much more time on Twitter than on Facebook. I don’t see it as a substitute but rather as a complement because Facebook is more personal, and Twitter is better when it comes to creating new contacts and following likeminded people who I necessarily know or have met in real life. I really hope that Twitter will be bigger in Sweden. Actually, there is no reason to believe something else, considering the recent growth in USA.