Tink is an online personal finance manager

tinkTink is an internet service that lets you get better control and understanding of your personal finances. Tink retrieves information automatically from Sweden’s 12 biggest banks and credit cards, collects everything on one place and categorized and analyzes your total finances.

You can easily track your expenses and set own goals based on categories such as food or eating out. Tink is free to use and you can register to test Tink’s beta version.

Tink AB was created in 2012, have 7 employees and office in Stockholm.

This is how it works

All in one place

You can collect all your incomes and expenses in your Tink account. All you need to do is to link your bank accounts, credit cards,¬†stockbrokers or any other services. Tink collects new data automatically once it’s updated, so your account is always updated.


Tink compiles and categorizes all your incomes and expenses in real time. You can easily see how much money you spend on food, fuel or pleasure. You can see how expenses have changed in single categories over time.


You can set a budget, either for one or more expense categories. If you want to save something special or just get better control over your expenses, so it’ll be much easier when it happens automatically. Tink notifies you when you are about to exceed your budget.

What I really like about Tink is its user-friendliness and terrific design. This services has got a big potential, let’s see what this talented team can make out of it.