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laughingsquid: Big Boy Campaign, A Fresh New Look at a 75 Year-Old Chain

kangrichard: I really like the recent trend in pictorial descriptions of history that I’ve noticed.  This one that I came across on Mashable is particularly interesting as it describes the the evolution of web design.  Its fascinating to think of how far we’ve come in such a short time, and to dream a little of where we’ll […]

Gulp, Featuring The World’s Largest Stop-Motion Animation Set

Number of internet users in the whole world. 1996 – 2011.

How nice isn’t cinemagraphics? I like the simplicity of the picture which is a further development and processing of moving GIF pictures. It’s the photographer Jamie Beck and the graphic designer Kevin Burg who have introduced the concept together. Here are some of my favorites:

Here can you read about Ted Valentin’s recent failures on the web. The lecture is from Öredev 2010 and contains many good advices on what people should avoid when developing websites. Ted is known for having developed many websites like Restaurangkartan and Blogipedia. One of the former sites was which was sold for 10 million for ca. 4 years […]

Honestly, I was surprised by how small Twitter is in Sweden according to the reports which were published last week. According to them, there will be soon over 36 000 active users in Sweden, and it can be compared to USA’s 42 000 000 active users. It becomes even clearer when we compare ca. 0.4% […]