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No matter if you’re a successful director of a growing company or just an ordinary merchant trying to spend most of his time with his family, there’re some certain factors of modern society that will make sure to kill your time & productivity. Here is a list of 10 biggest time killers: 1. Emails – […]

Tink is an online personal finance manager Tink is an internet service that lets you get better control and understanding of your personal finances. Tink retrieves information automatically from Sweden’s 12 biggest banks and credit cards, collects everything on one place and categorized and analyzes your total finances. You can easily track your expenses and […]

Here is a list of 10 perfect iOS applications for getting things done. GTD is a personal productivity system to help you organize and manage your commitments and responsibilities. The goal of using a system like this is to achieve and maintain a calm, focused control of everything in your life. Flow GetFlow, also known as […]

Showcase your expertise with Enthuse is a simple, elegant service that lets you showcase your expertise in the most effective way – by cutting out the best examples of your work, knowledge or passion. lets you add your basic information such as name, your job title, location or link to your website. In […]

The GTD method rests on the idea of moving planned tasks and projects out of the mind by recording them externally and then breaking them into actionable work items. To do apps allows one to focus attention on taking action on tasks, instead of on recalling them. Here are 10 alternatives of to do apps […]

Maintaining your website uptime is critical to your business’ success. That’s why it’s a good idea to sign up for a service that will monitor your uptime and notify you the minute your site is down. This way you can get your site back as soon as possible to minimize downtime. Here, I’ve picked 5 uptime […]

Jon Wheatley is the creator of a dice game called Space Dice which he recently wrote a blogpost about how he took from an idea to a finished product. Inside each Space pack is a whole galaxy. Fifteen dices in three different colors. Green dices bring life to your galaxy. They help you grow your score […]

Coffitivity is a web application that does nothing more than play the ambient sound of a coffee shop, complete with the murmur of people talking, and clank of dishes being put down occasional laughter. You can practically smell the coffee. If you’re like many people as well as me, you love to work at coffee shops […]

A pretty funny and creative way of studying to a final at Harvard by Mark Zuckerberg.

Shawn Achor – The happy secret to better work