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Inbox zero on the go!

Interesting talk about smartphones and distractions (by tedamongfriends)

Where Good Ideas Come From by Steven Johnson (by RiverheadBooks)

Web IQ Quiz

The Web IQ Quiz Celebrating the 20th’s Birthday of the Web How well do you know the 20-year-old you check out everyday? Check to see how much #webcred you have at The Web IQ Quiz.

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Check out this Link.

Make everything ok

ialreadydontlikeyou: A magical button, once pressed, will make everything okay. Had a s*#% day? Go on, give it a press.


Did you know that you can export your playlists from iTunes to Spotify using a free and handy program whose name is Unify?

David Allen has a nice lecture about how people get things done properly.

Twitter is surprisingly small in Sweden

Honestly, I was surprised by how small Twitter is in Sweden according to the reports which were published last week. According to them, there will be soon over 36 000 active users in Sweden, and it can be compared to USA’s 42 000 000 active users. It becomes even clearer when we compare ca. 0.4% […]